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Grease Management

Grease accumulation in the sewer system causes obstruction by either constricting flow or blocking the sewer pipes. This interferes with the normal operation of the wastewater treatment system.

The build up of fats, oils, and grease in the sewer system causes sewer blockages, which eventually result in sewer backups that can overflow onto streets and into homes, damaging property and the environment. Sewer system maintenance in neighborhoods that experience sewer blockages and backups due to grease accumulation is expensive and can result in higher sewer bills for customers.

Tips for Proper Grease Disposal

  • Scrape and wipe pots, pans and dishes and dispose of materials in the trash before washing dishes.
  • Pour fats, oils and grease into a container such as an empty jar or can. Once the materials have cooled and solidified and the container is full, secure the lid, and place the container in the trash.
  • Use sink strainers to catch food items and then empty the strainer into the trash.  

To report a grease spill or blockage, contact us at (314) 768-6260.