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Street Cleaning and Maintenance/Parking Facilities

  • Perform clean/paving activities during dry weather
  • Cover and seal nearby storm drain inlets before maintenance repairs are made
  • Sweep parking lots or use other dry cleaning methods
  • Design parking lots to include semi-permeable areas
  • Post "No Littering" signs on parking lots to encourage proper disposal

Park Maintenance/Landscaping

  • Mow grass higher and leave lawn clippings to retain moisture and provide nutrients
  • Ensure the proper disposal of yard waste by composting
  • Minimize the use of landscaping chemicals
  • Avoid fertilizer application before rain
  • Apply fertilizers and pesticides according to the label
  • Use natural biological controls for pest control when feasible
  • Apply pesticides when the target pest is most vulnerable
  • Remove litter and- debris frequently

Materials/Supplies Storage

  • Store materials inside if possible
  • Cover materials to prevent stormwater contact is stored outside
  • Contain and clean up spills immediately using dry methods
  • Train employees on cleanup procedures
  • Dispose of spill cleanup material properly
  • Keep material safety data sheets on site and post emergency contact numbers for reporting spills

Vehicle/Equipment Maintenance

  • Clean work areas to minimize oil and grease buildup
  • Provide a designated covered area for vehicle maintenance to limit exposure to rain
  • Clean vehicle parts without using liquid cleansers whenever possible
  • Monitor parked vehicles/equipment for leaks
  • Use a catch pan to capture leaking or dripping fluids
  • Dispose of waste materials according to applicable laws and regulations