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Dirt, oil, and trash that collect in parking lots and paved areas can be carried by stormwater runoff into a storm sewer and eventually reach local water bodies.

  • Sweep up litter, trash, and dirt from sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots, especially from around storm drains.
  • Keep lids closed on grease storage containers and trash dumpsters so stormwater will not be contaminated. Make sure the containers are not leaking.
  • Businesses and local governments should provide an adequate number of appropriately sized containers.
  • Owners of commercial dumpsters should be certain their containers are of adequate size to handle the waste they generate. Trash receptacles and dumpsters should be emptied on an appropriate schedule.
  • Keep chemicals and other materials stored onsite under cover to prevent contaminating runoff.
  • Use all chemicals responsibly and properly dispose of wastes.
  • Ensure the proper disposal of all wastewater into the wastewater sewer system.
  • Report any chemical or oil spill to emergency response agencies. Be prepared for spill incidents to keep spills from harming the environment.


  • Minimize the amount of exposed soil and divert stormwater away from disturbed or exposed areas of the construction site.
  • Install best management practices (BMPs) such as silt fences, vegetative cover and other sediment and erosion controls, and properly maintain them.
  • Wash mud from vehicles in areas where the water will not enter the storm sewer or run to a nearby water body.
  • Properly dispose of trash and other wastes.

Automotive/Vehicle Washing

  • Provide cover over fueling stations and provide for spill containment.
  • Wash vehicles at a commercial wash or other properly designated facility that treats its wastewater before sending it to the wastewater sewer.


  • Clean animal living quarters to collect and properly dispose of waste.
  • Do not wash animal waste into storm drains.
  • Avoid animal waste contaminating stormwater by diverting runoff and by covering stalls