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Technology Matrix Example: Linear Pavement Amended Soils Disconnection

In this example, assume the site is a trail extension. The linear site is largely undisturbed and drains from left to right across the proposed trail location. Land disturbance exceeds more than 1 acre, and water quality BMPs are required, however flood detention and channel protection are not required.

The design engineer proposes to construct a hard surface multi-use trail. Using the matrix, the design engineer proposes to use amended soils disconnection to meet runoff volume reduction and water quality treatment requirements associated with the project's impervious surface. The amended soils disconnection which will be adjacent to and on the downhill side of the trail fits well with the existing sheet flow conditions and the greenscape along the trail. The approach is accepted by MSD.

BMP Technology Performance/Function
Water Quality Treatment Runoff Volume Reduction Channel Protection Storage Peak Flood Detention Storage
Amended Soils Disconnection X (trail) X (trail)