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Mini Lesson Plans Around Clean Water Activities

Nonpoint Source Pollution Activity - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency design this activity to demonstrate to students in grades 4-7 what an average storm drain collects during a rainfall event and how the water from storm drains can impact the water quality and aquatic environments of local streams, rivers, and bays.
Global Water Supply Curriculum – Full elementary school global water supply curriculum, including lesson plans and classroom activities that cover a variety of subjects. (Courtesy of
A Teacher’s Guide to Water Related Lesson Plans and Materials – From water conservation to water pollution, this site offers web quests, activities, hand outs and lesson plans. (Courtesy of Seametrics)
Freshwater Lesson Plans - Lesson plans from various sources for both elementary and secondary education. (Courtesy of Indian University - Purdue University Indianapolis)
Water Lesson Plans - Educator-generated lesson plans on freshwater and freshwater organisms, water conservation, watersheds, water quality, and more for grades K-5. (Courtesy of Pennsylvania Statue University College of Agriculture Sciences)