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Word Searches
Choose the level that’s right for your students, and see if they can find the terms!

  1. Easy: Fats, Oils and Grease Search
  2. Intermediate: Fats, Oils and Grease Search
  3. Intermediate (grades 6-9): Nonpoint Source Pollution Word Search

Pouring grease down the drain can really harm the sewage system and cause backups or overflows (you don’t want your house smelling like sewage, do you? Gross!). Test your knowledge about proper grease disposal with this quiz.

Here are some links to fun activities and some websites (outside of MSD) where you learn more about stormwater and wastewater resources.

Follow a drop of water through its lifecycle to learn where it goes and what it does at each step. (Courtesy of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Learn the basics of water supply and water use. (Courtesy of Water Education Foundation)

When oil gets into streams, lakes, rivers or oceans, it harms animals and other wildlife, sometimes even killing them. Learn how to clean up an oil spill so you can save Darby Duck! (Courtesy of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)