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Education & Outreach

What is Outreach?

MSD serves approximately 1.3 million people in the St. Louis metropolitan area, and it's a priority for us to communicate with our customers. Every time a resident receives a statement from us, drives by work crews upgrading our infrastructure or has flooding in their neighborhood after a heavy rain, they form an opinion about us and our services. Our customers and their needs matter to us.

MSD's business focused culture includes reaching out and connecting with our customers to build their confidence in our abilities to meet our mission: providing innovative, effective wastewater and stormwater management to protect our environment and the health and safety of our community.

Speakers Bureau

Contact us to schedule an MSD visit to your next community meeting. We offer a short presentation or a brief informal discussion on the programs and projects that impact your neighborhood, and we will be glad to take questions. You may also call (314) 768-6200 and ask for the Division of Public Information.

Media Inquiries

Please contact (314) 768-6237. Media inquiries only.


If you'd like to receive copies of MSD brochures, please contact us at (314) 436-8708.