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Small Contractor Program

MSD is currently seeking small contractors to participate in the Small Contractor Program. The program offers bidding opportunities, under $25,000, with minimum requirements.  Small, Minority, or Woman Contractor that are ready to expand their capabilities for performing Capital Improvement and Replacement Program (CIRP) work.

Small Contractor Program Work Types Include:

  • Septic Tank Bypass/Abandonment 
  • Structure/Pipe Reach Replacements
  • Point Repair of Sewers   
  • Small Sewer Extensions
  • SSO Removals    
  • Inlet/Manhole Repairs
  • Private Inflow Removals   
  • SSP Projects

For additional information please contact: Michael Buechter, P.E., (314) 768-2772 , or
Shonnah Paredes, (314) 768-6395,