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FY2021–2024 Wastewater Pre-Proceeding Meetings

This section contains summaries of Rate Commission Pre-Proceeding meetings and all materials distributed during these sessions. Summaries and materials are listed in chronological order.

The Rate Commission meets several times before MSD formally submits a rate proposal for consideration. These pre-proceeding meetings provide the Commission time to prepare for its review. These activities include the sitting of new commissioners, the election of Commission officers, engaging legal and rate consulting services, establishing a schedule of public hearings to be held throughout the proceedings and the adopting of rules and procedures to be used during its review.

Pre-Proceeding Meeting December 13, 2018

Agenda - December 13, 2018

Minutes - December 13, 2018

Pre-Proceeding Meeting January 4, 2019

Agenda - January 4, 2019

Minutes - January 4, 2019

Standing Committee Meeting January 4, 2019

Public Relations Committee Agenda

Minutes - January 4, 2019 Public Relations Committee

Standing Committee Meeting January 14, 2019

Public Relations Committee Meeting

Standing Committee Meeting February 13, 2019

Public Relations Committee Agenda

Standing Committee Meeting February 22, 2019

Public Relations Committee Agenda