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Organization Overview

MSD is managed by a charter which is the blueprint for how MSD operates. MSD leadership consists of a Board of Trustees, management team, and a Rate Commission. For more information on the organization, follow the links below:

Board of Trustees

MSD is governed by a six-member Board of Trustees. Three members are appointed by the St. Louis City Mayor and three members are appointed by the St. Louis County Executive. MSD's Board members are trustees of public property and public funds and are responsible to the customers they serve. 


The Board of Trustees hires MSD's chief executive officer, who is responsible for all MSD operations. He and his employees address the day-to-day needs of all MSD customers.

Rate Commission

The mission of the Rate Commission is to review and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding all proposed changes in wastewater rates, stormwater rates, and tax rates or the change in the structure of any of the foregoing ("rate").

  • Members – Membership consists of 15 representative organizations. Each representative organization designates one individual to represent it and serve as a Rate Commission delegate. All terms are six years or the completion of any unexpired term. Organizations can be named to successive terms.

Strategic Business and Operating Plan

The Strategic Business and Operating Plan (SBOP) is a business-focused blueprint for serving our customers now and in the future. The plan is based on five goals and six business-focused strategies.