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Diversity at MSD

MSD knows the importance of embracing all aspects of Diversity across the entire District, particularly in recognizing small and diverse businesses as the foundation for building stronger communities in the St. Louis region. As MSD embarks upon historically significant public works projects within it’s service area, the District intends to fully support efforts for inclusion and utilization of Minority and Women Business Enterprises.

To further enhance our concerted and coordinated efforts to promote Diversity, MSD has developed a comprehensive Workforce Program to support the inclusion of minority and women workers on MSD projects to drive economic growth in the Metropolitan St. Louis Region.
MSD has done an exceptional job with internally focused diversity efforts. In promoting efforts of collaboration to provide the necessary components to ensure level playing fields, MSD is committed to strategies which focus on the stimulation of economic growth in our communities, while increasing the vitality of under-utilized minorities and women in the St. Louis community.  Below, you will find information and links for various programs and resources offered through MSD in support of our commitment to Diversity.

MSD First Source Hiring Program -  A SLATE program established under the CBA and designed to identify targeted applicants for MSD project contractors.

MSD Building Union Diversity (BUD) Program – A SLATE program established under the CBA designed to target and locate unemployed, underemployed, and interested job applicants for MSD project contractors in need of qualified minority and women workers.

Contractor Loan Fund – A low-interest working capital revolving loan program is available to assist minority and women business enterprises seeking to perform work on the MSD CIRP.  Please see the below Contractor Loan Fund flyer.

Contractor Loan Fund Flyer