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Mon, 01/20/2020
MSD crews are working around the clock to restore operations at a south St. Louis pump station, after a power failure. It happened Saturday morning at the Lemay 1 Pump Station, when the water flow was high from heavy rains the night before. MSD personnel were present when there was a power failure that caused a combination of wastewater and stormwater to top a protective wall and flood an area of the pump station that is normally dry. All pumps were submerged. The crew immediately restored power and began pumping out water from the building so damage could be assessed and repairs initiated. MSD expects to resume partial pumping operations at the station by the end of this week. Sewer service will not be interrupted, but as a result of downtime at the pump station, there have been wastewater overflows into the River Des Peres and the Mississippi River. There is an increased likelihood of additional overflows while repairs are being made. While there is no risk to public health, everyone is urged to avoid physical contact with the River Des Peres and Mississippi River. Anyone who comes into contact with wastewater should immediately and thoroughly wash with soap and water. The Lemay Pump Station is located in South St. Louis along the River Des Peres. It is one of several pump stations used to transport wastewater to the Lemay Wastewater Treatment Plant. MSD has reported the issue to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.