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Official MSD press releases and media alerts issued by MSD.
Wed, 01/24/2018

Crews with the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) have responded to and are making repairs to an underground force main sewer break at Jamestown Mall.

he location of the break is near 100 Jamestown Mall in North St. Louis County. The break was noticed by an MSD Construction Inspector that was in the area performing a routine inspection of the force main.

In order to make the necessary the repairs, MSD has shut down the pump station, located approximately ¾ mile west of the MO-367 Bridge over Coldwater Creek, which has caused an overflow of sewage into Coldwater Creek. The Affected areas potentially include:
• Coldwater Creek immediately south of Silver Fox Drive in Unincorporated St. Louis County
• Coldwater Creek immediately north of Verwood Drive and Fox Haven Drive in Unincorporated St. Louis County
• Coldwater Creek northwest of the MO-367 bridge, including trails that run along the creek near Fort Belle Fontaine County Park.
• Other portions of Coldwater Creek downstream (east and northeast) of the pump station.

While repairs are being made, MSD crews have placed warning signs in these areas, advising the public of the overflows.  Once repairs are complete, cleanup activities at affected areas will begin.

Sewer service to homes and businesses in the area are not affected. There is no immediate threat to public health or safety, the public is asked to heed the signs and avoid contact with the affected areas.  If a member of the public should come in contact with these areas, they should immediately and thoroughly wash with soap and water.
If a member of the public should come across what they suspect to be an overflowing manhole, they should contact MSD’s 24-hour Customer Service Center at (314) 768-6260.

A force main sewer is a sewer line through which wastewater is propelled by the force of pump stations located along the path of the sewer.  Pump stations are sometimes necessary to overcome gravity and allow for the transport of wastewater to area treatment plants.
The force main sewer break and associated overflows at the manholes have been reported to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, as required by law.