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Published on Wednesday, May 22, 2013

In 2009, MSD decided to try something new and sold rain barrels to our customers. We thought maybe we would sell a few hundred. We ended up selling a few thousand.

Rain BarrelOne of the benefits of the MSD rain barrel program was selling the rain barrels at cost to our customers. When we started, it was difficult to find a rain barrel in the St. Louis area. Now, they are easy to find. That’s both good and bad. Good because it means more people can have access to rain barrels, but it’s also bad because it means we can no longer offer a competitive cost on rain barrels to our customers.

Since we can no longer be competitive, we’ve decided to put the rain barrel program on hold for now. We are evaluating the future of the program, as well as exploring some other options for green infrastructure programs. We will keep you posted on our decision and how we move forward.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our rain barrel program and helped to make it a success.