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Published on Friday, August 24, 2012

Students receive report cards in school as a way to track their progress.  Recently, we added our own version of a report card to our website in the form of a performance scorecard. This performance scorecard evaluates how we are doing in certain areas by looking at three key factors:

  •   Meets target or shows a significant trend or improvement.
  •  Not meeting target but showing stable or improving performance.
  •  Not meeting target and showing little or no progress.

We measure ourselves under four main categories:

  • Customer Service: This reflects our goals of protecting public health and safety, keeping our customers informed and protecting our water resources through pollution prevention.
  • Mission: MSD’s mission is to protect the public’s health, safety, and water environment by responsibly providing wastewater and stormwater management.
  • Financial: How well does MSD manage costs and revenues in order to obtain optimal financial performance.
  • Organizational Effectiveness: How well does MSD manage operational efficiencies.

To view the performance scorecard in detail, click here.