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Published on Tuesday, May 23, 2017
ETC Institute, an independent research firm, has conducted a post-contact survey for the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) for over a decade and an annual customer satisfaction survey for over two decades.  
The post-contact survey is a survey of randomly selected MSD customers who have had contact with MSD employees in the previous 60 days. More specifically, the survey is administered to a minimum of 75 clients randomly selected from billing records and 75 clients randomly selected from field service records each month. This survey is conducted to help MSD objectively evaluate billing and field operations. More than 1800 surveys are collected per year. In the first quarter of 2017, 455 records were collected for the post-contact survey.  
The first quarter results for 2017 showed that MSD customers were very satisfied with their experience with MSD staff. For example, 98% of Field Service customers and 95% of Billing customers indicated that when they spoke with employees over the phone, the employee was courteous.  MSD customers were also asked to rate the overall quality of the service provided over the phone on a 10-point scale where a rating of 10 equaled “completely satisfied”. Customers gave Billing an overall mean rating of 8.3, which is just two-tenths of a point below the all-time high rating and Field Service an overall mean rating of 8.7 which matched an all-time high.   
The annual customer satisfaction survey gathers input from all customers to objectively evaluate how well MSD is meeting the needs of its customers and helps identify priorities for improvements. The 2016 annual customer satisfaction survey was completed by 424 randomly selected MSD customers. The results show that MSD customers continue to be satisfied with the efficiency that MSD operates and with wastewater services. Additionally, MSD customers continue to feel as though the rates they are charged by MSD are reasonable.