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Published on Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MSD recently completed more updates to the Best Management Practices (BMP) Toolbox on the website.

The BMP Toolbox provides resources for post-construction stormwater BMPs design, installation, and maintenance. The toolbox walks users through MSD’s development review process for the required BMP maintenance.

As the number of regulated post-construction BMPs increased, MSD expanded sections of the BMP toolbox. Most recently the BMP Maintenance section was enhanced to include guidance for plan preparers on the BMP Operation and Maintenance Plan, including a template for the plan.  Recently, plan preparers have been asked to provide the plan as a separate document to increase the usability by BMP owners.

Additional educational brochures for BMPs owners were also added on rain garden and planter box ownership and maintenance.  As a service to all BMP owners, MSD provides education on BMP maintenance and ownership requirements. To receive educational information or for questions related to BMP operation and maintenance, contact MSD’s Division of Environmental Compliance by calling (314) 768-6200.

These updates can be found at: /what-we-do/stormwater-management/bmp-toolbox