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Published on Thursday, May 4, 2017

Here is the latest update on MSD’s efforts to protect the wastewater treatment system and prevent basement backups during the current flooding:

Grand Glaize Wastewater Treatment Plant at Valley Park

The river levels are no longer threatening the plant. River levels are expected to start dropping on Monday morning. 

Fenton Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Meramec River has receded to about one foot below the top of the levee, no longer reaching the sandbag walls. We can now rotate out staff and re-provision supplies and personnel. River levels are expected to start dropping on Monday morning.

Mississippi River and River Des Peres

Normal flood response activities continue along downtown floodwall and at the River Des Peres. River levels are expected to start falling on Monday morning.

Pump Stations

Some MSD pump stations along the Meramec river are out of service. Damage assessment and repair will begin as the water receeds.

Since our report yesterday, we have received over 3 inches of additional rain resulting in 100 basement backup calls. MSD is working to address those additive calls as soon as possible.