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Published on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Although the rain has currently stopped, the river levels have yet to crest. MSD has learned a lot from the December 2015 floods and we are putting those “lessons learned” into practice with this flood event. We prepared early in anticipation of this past weekend’s heavy downpours, which dropped 7 – 8 inches of rain over the last 5 days. 

Here are some of the preemptive efforts MSD is doing to help prevent basement backups and flooding of treatment plants and pump stations: 

Grand Glaize Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Meramec River at Valley Park, location of the Grand Glaize Wastewater Treatment Plant, is expected to crest on Wednesday morning, May 3, at 44.1 feet—matching the crest in January 2015. MSD has constructed a temporary concrete block wall, reinforced with sandbags, around the Grand Glaize treatment plant. The wall will be higher than the hastily erected sandbag wall, prior to the December 2015 flood.  Sensitive equipment within the building is being relocated or protected—in case of a breach.  Staff is prepared, with supplies, to remain at the plant for up to 48 hours. 

Grand Glaize Concrete Wall Video - April 29, 2017


FileApril 29 2017 Grand Glaize Video.MP4

Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is expected to crest at 41 feet on Wednesday afternoon. MSD is staffing the floodwall pump stations around the clock and coordinating activities with the City of St. Louis regarding the River des Peres.  

Fenton Wastewater Treatment Plant

The current predicted crest on Wednesday morning would be approximately 18 inches over the top of the levee, as in January 2015. Sandbagging operations were completed as of Monday evening. We are also working to restrict the amount of floodwaters from entering the plant, as well as using additional pumps to increase capacity to pump flows out of the plant. Staff is prepared, with supplies, to remain at the Fenton plant for up to 48 hours.

Click here: Fenton Update Video- May 1, 2017

Pumping Stations

MSD is doing everything we can to protect as many of our at-risk pumping stations along the Meramec River as possible. However, some may have to be taken offline prior to being overcome by floodwaters.  

Basement Backups
As of Tuesday afternoon, MSD has responded to 551 of the 723 calls into our Customer Service center relating to backups since Saturday.  At this point, about half of the calls are due to basement backups, but others are caused by overland flooding in the general area. We will continue to monitor all calls 24-hours a day. If you suspect you are experiencing a basement backup, not due to overland flooding, please contact (314) 768-6260.
Additional rainfall is predicted for Wednesday and Thursday. There may be additional impacts as the ground is well saturated and river levels are already high. We will continue to provide updates on this blog until this rain event has passed.