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Plan Review Documents

MSD has recently implemented a new online paperless system for plan review, permitting, and construction inspection.

Plan Review Submittal Information Sheet  is a requirement. Once this sheet is submitted, "P" numbers are assigned.

The Plan Review Checklist shows some of the items considered in the review process.

Concept Review Submittal Information Sheet - Not for P-job Approval.

If your project requires Industrial Waste Approval, complete the Commercial/Industrial User Wastewater Survey

For information on the Rainscaping Large Scale Grants Program that is available as part of the Development Review Process, please see the Rainscaping Large Scale Grants Program.

For information on MSD cost sharing opportunities for Green Infrastructure, please see the Project Clear Rainscaping Early Action Program.

Check out the BMP Toolbox for resources that will help you successfully navigate the technical and procedural path to post-construction stormwater BMPs design, installation and maintenance.