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Operations and Maintenance

The Operations Department’s 500+ staff members are organized into divisions. Sewage is transported through the District's collection system and is treated by one of the Districts seven wastewater treatment plants. MSD’s Treatment Plant Division operates and maintains these plants 24/7 within strict governmental permit guidelines. Wastewater is cleaned and treated and returns to our rivers as clean as water you would find in a swimming pool.

The Collection System Division (or Yards) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the publicly owned sewer assets in the collection system. The Yard employees perform operation, maintenance, and field engineering duties. Staff at the Yards is broken down further into maintenance, rehabilitation, and construction groups. This team provides preventive pipe maintenance with regular cleaning, tv inspection, and repair.  In addition to the pipes, the yards inspect and rehab as necessary the 162,000 manholes in our wastewater sewer system on a 10-year cycle. With this focus on preventative cleaning and inspection, customers report fewer blocked inlet, basement backups, and sewer overflows. Calls are down nearly 2/3 since 2008.

The Pump Station Division is responsible for operation and maintenance of publicly-owned pump stations and the related pressurized sewers that are a part of the collection system. MSD’s Pump Station team uses computerized monitoring to assure all stations are function properly and respond to any problems. Pump stations are necessary for two reasons first, they move wastewater to treatment plants, second, they are used for flood control along the Mississippi River and the River des Peres.

Support staff handles customer service calls, operation of warehouses, garage and fleet of service vehicles, and administration of the asset management plan.  In addition to preventative work, the District responds to customer service issue calls 24/7.  Our goal is to respond to emergency calls within 4 hours. Check our performance scorecard to see how we are meeting that goal.