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Consultant Selection

The purpose of MSD's consultant selection policy is to identify procedures for the procurement of engineering, architectural, and survey consultants interested in providing professional services for MSD. Below is a summary of this policy.

Prequalification Requirements

  • Must maintain a fully functioning (fully staffed) office within MSD's boundaries that operates as a self-sufficient office.
  • Must have at least one engineer/architect/surveyor registered in Missouri.
  • Must be qualified and experienced in architecture, surveying, civil or environmental engineering for the work to be performed.
  • Poor past performance may result in MSD rescinding or denying prequalification.

Prequalification Process

  • See Consultant Prequalification Questionnaire - Contact Sharon Holt at (314) 768-6285 or

Consultant Procurement Process

  • Projects less than $500,000: three consultants from the prequalified list will be asked to submit proposals. A short list of at least three consultants will be developed from those who submitted proposals.
  • Projects that exceed $500,000: MSD will send out requests for qualifications (RFQs). A short list of at least three consultants will be developed from those who submitted RFQs.
  • Requests for Proposals (RFPs) will be sent to the short listed firms. All RFPs must be submitted to MSD by deadline in order to be considered.
  • A selection committee will then review and evaluate the proposals.
  • MSD will request a fee proposal from the selected consultants. Contacts shall be negotiated to ensure the best and fairest rates are obtained by MSD for the services required.
  • If a reasonable contract cannot be negotiated for a project, then MSD will repeat this process with the next eligible consultant. If not contract can be negotiated, then the procurement process will be repeated with all new consultants.
  • The notice to proceed with services shall be sent with the signed contracts only after MSD's Board of Trustees approves the consultant selection. Proper and current insurance requirements must also be verified by the Office of General Counsel.
  • In special cases, qualified consultants who do not have offices in MSD's boundaries will be undertaken only after written justification by the Director of Engineering and the approval of the Executive Director.
  • Upon project completion, MSD will prepare a performance evaluation on the quality of the design services completed. The consultant will be briefed and the evaluations shall be filed for use in future selection processes.