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Pipe Shear Band Coupling (Nut & Bolt Clamps)

*Fernco Coupling
*Indiana Seals
*Joint Couplings
*Mission Coupling
Dallas Specialty (DS)

*Complies with Buy America provisions of ARRA Stimulus funding bill


*Note – Pipe joints with adapters and couplings shall be supplied and installed with 316 Stainless Steel nut and bolt clamps (T-Bolt) configurations; and with Stainless Steel shear bands, being a minimum of twelve (12) mils (MSD Std. Const. Specs Pt. 2 subsection H-11). Worm drive hose clamps and concrete backfilling (causticity) will no longer be allowed at those joints.  Granular backfill should be used. If flowable fill is required, the contractor shall wrap and tape the adapters and couplings with a six (6) mil polyethylene sheet.