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From whom does MSD accept MWBE certification?

  • City of St. Louis Directory of Certified Businesses
  • Missouri Office of Equal Opportunity
  • Missouri Department of Administration Minority/Women Business Enterprise Program
  • St. Louis Minority Business Council (SLMBC)

Is MSD Tax Exempt?

Yes. MSD can provide a copy of our tax exempt letter from the State of Missouri upon request.

Whom do I contact in order to present the products or services of my minority or woman owned business to MSD?

Manager of Diversity Programs
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District
2350 Market St.
St. Louis, MO 63103-2555
(314) 768-6357

How does MSD send out bid packages?

For Capital Improvement and Replacement Program (CIRP), we use our Electronic Plan Room and newspapers.
For non-CIRP, we use our Bid Opportunities page and newspapers.
For details on both, see our Bid Information page.

Is there a charge for bid packages?

For CIRP, it varies. Check the Electronic Plan Room.
For non-CIRP, there is generally no charge.

Does MSD have a bidders mailing list?

Yes. In fact the District has several lists and they are:

Bidder Mailing list for supplies, services, and construction repairs
Pre-Approved Contractors List for Improvement Projects (Major Construction)
Bidders Mailing List for Subcontractors and Suppliers for Improvement Projects
Pre-Approved Contractors List for Engineering Design services
You must apply to have your name added to each list.

How do I get on the bid list?

For CIRP, you must be prequalified to submit a bid. This is done by completing and submitting a package that is on the website. Once submitted, this is reviewed by a team, and a notification will be sent to contractors once review is complete. Bidders must be prequalified to submit a bid on the CIRP projects. Learn more about participation in CIRP.
For non-CIRP, you need to notify Purchasing and get set up. Learn more about being an MSD supplier.

Do I have to be pre-approved to submit a bid?

To submit a bid as a prime contractor for improvement bids, (major construction projects) you must be pre-approved.
You can bid on a supply, service, or routine construction repair project without being pre-approved.
To be considered for engineering design projects you must be pre-approved.

What if my sealed bid arrives late?

It cannot be accepted if it is received past the appointed date and time. No exceptions can be granted.

What if I can't supply all the items on a bid?

There is a requirement for bidding on 90% of the line items on solicitations involving the multi-year contracts for supplies. Bids that do not meet this requirement may be rejected.

What if my company is the sole supplier for a manufacturer or product?

MSD maintains a file of sole source suppliers. We require a letter or fax from the manufacturer documenting an exclusive arrangement. A letter from the distributor stating this exclusive arrangement is not acceptable.

How do I ensure that my bid will be considered responsive to MSD's supplier diversity goals?

First, and foremost, read the bid solicitation carefully to be sure you understand all requirements for the solicitation and the MWBE participation goal. If you have questions for which you need clarification, contact the person listed on the solicitation.
If you are bidding as a prime supplier and are a minority or woman owned business (MWBE), be sure to include a copy of your MWBE business certification with your bid.
If you are bidding as a prime supplier, however your company is not an MWBE business, but you are submitting MWBE suppliers or service providers as sub-contractors, be sure to include a copy of the MWBE business certification for those sub-contractors with your bid.
If you are bidding as a prime, you must come to the "bid table" with your MWBE sub-contractor(s) identified and the dollar amount of participation stated.