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Residential Customers without Water Meters

If your home does NOT have a water meter:

Bills are based on the number of rooms, baths and toilets in your residence.

Basis of Rates for Non-Metered Customers

  Estimated Water Usage
in Gallons / Day
Estimated Water Usage in
100s of cubic feet per month
Each room 14.5 0.5900
Each water closet (toilet) 54.2 2.2053
Each bath or shower 45.2 1.8391
Frontage foot n/a* n/a*

*A parcel's street frontage, measured in feet, is used by water utilities to estimate the amount of water used for lawn irrigation. However, MSD does not charge for water that is not returned to the sewer system.

Rates for Unmetered Residential Customers

Unit of Measurement Rate
Base charge $26.35/mo.
Unmetered Volume  
Water Closets