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Overflow Regulation System: the District's O.R.S. is focused on the facilities that evolved from the former direct discharges of sewage from trunk sewers into the Mississippi River. The system now includes the management, operation, maintenance and improvements to the integrated trunk sewer outfalls, riverfront interceptors, interceptor pump stations and flood protection facilities. The goal of the O.R.S. is to capture the maximum amount of sewage and wastewaters and convey these to wastewater treatment plants at Bissell Point and Lemay.


Any solid object in or protruding into a wastewater flow in a collection line that prevents a smooth or even passage of the wastewater.


Operation Maintenance Construction Improvement district; funds generated by tax payments in certain districts can be used for capital improvements in those districts; funds can be used for capital project or maintenance within that specific district where the tax was collected.


Downstream opening or discharge end of a pipe, culvert, or canal.

Overland Flow

Water flow over a surface at a uniform depth.

Also known as Sheet Flow.