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An opening in a sewer provided for the purpose of permitting operators or equipment to enter or leave a sewer. Also referred to as an access hole or maintenance hole.


Missouri Coalition for the Environment


Missouri Department of Natural Resources

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Made out of sand, peat, shredded tires, foam, crushed glass, geo-textile fabric, or other material, and is used to remove solids and certain other contaminants from stormwater.

Metered Multi-unit Residential/Non-residential Property

All property connected to an approved water meter which is:

  1. Used only for human residency and consists of two or more dwelling units connected to a single approved water meter; or
  2. Used for commercial or industrial purposes and connected to an approved water meter(s).
Metered Property

All property connected to an approved water meter through which the amount of water usage is measured.

Metered Single-unit Residential Property

Property used only for human residency, which consists of a single dwelling unit which is connected to an approved water meter which serves only such unit.


Milligrams per liter, commonly used to report results of laboratory analysis of wastewater samples and used as a parameter for wastewater extra strength user charge rate.


Million gallons per day: standard measure of wastewater flow through treatment plants.


Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District