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Lateral Line

The private portion of the sewer lying within a public street or easement connecting a building sewer service to the main sewer.

Lift Station

A wastewater pumping station that lifts the wastewater to a higher elevation when continuing the sewer at reasonable slopes would involve excessive depths of trench. Also, an installation of pumps that raise wastewater from areas too low to drain into available sewers.

Also known as Pump Station.


Litter is any solid waste object, disposable item or resource, that can be held or carried in a person's hand that is left behind or placed in an inappropriate location. Any such material or item disposed of in an inappropriate manner is to be regarded as litter - the end outcome of an environmentally undesirable disposal action.


Lower-Middle River Des Peres

Low Impact Development (LID)

A land development approach that emphasizes site design and planning techniques that mimic the natural infiltration-based hydrology of the historic landscape. LID techniques generally manage stormwater by retaining and infiltrating runoff on-site.


Land Reutilization Authority, part of St. Louis Development Corporation


Long-term control plan