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Eco Roof

Eco roofs absorb and filter rainwater, provide building insulation, enhance roof lifespan, moderate roof deck temperatures, improve heating and cooling system efficiency, and add amenity value for urban rooftop views and spaces.

Also known as Green Roof and Vegetated Roof.


Wastewater or other liquid – raw/untreated, partially or completely treated – flowing from a reservoir, basin, treatment process, or treatment plant.


A structure that forms the bank of a pond, foundation of a road, or other similar structures. It is typically made from earth, gravel, or similar materials.

Engineered Soil

Soil or growing media that has been formulated with specific components for a specific purpose or application. For example, an engineered soil for a rain garden may contain native soil from the site mixed with compost and sand to improve drainage and plant growth.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: a federal agency that is responsible for the administration and enforcement of national water pollution control policies and laws. The EPA provides federal grant funds to local governments for wastewater treatment under the provisions of the EPA Construction Grants Program.


Removal of soil particles by wind and water. Often the eroded debris (silt or sediment) becomes a pollutant via stormwater runoff. Erosion occurs naturally but can be intensified by human activities such as farming, development, road-building, and timber harvesting.