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Supplier Diversity

If you are seeking information on Certified Minority and Women Business Enterprises (MWBE) contractors, suppliers or consultants, refer to the links below. You will find a list of certified contractors as well as links to agencies from which we accept MWBE certification. These may be helpful in finding names, contact and other information for minority and women businesses able to provide products and services to fulfill your MWBE utilization goal on contract bids submitted to MSD.

In addition, we also accept MWBE certification from St. Louis Minority Business Council.  Please click link below to request certification information.

St. Louis Minority Business Council (SLMBC)

Since 1973, the St. Louis Minority Business Council (SLMBC) has served as one of the premier strategic business partners in the region.

Effective March 1, 2014, MSD will only accept certifications from the agencies listed above.

 If you have questions about certifications guidelines at MSD, contact:  

Shonnah Paredes

Manager of Diversity Programs

Department of Human Resources

Phone:  (314) 768-6395

Fax:  (314) 768-2760