Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

Fiscal & Investor Relations

The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District is responsible for the interception, collection, and treatment of wastewater for approximately 1.3 million residents of St. Louis City and County. We also provide stormwater management to this vibrant and diverse customer base.

MSD is currently completing the second phase of a $6 billion, multi-decade program to modernize our region's aging wastewater infrastructure. These investments are funded primarily through a combination of customer rates, which MSD sets, and bond sales.

With a FY2013 budget of $472.5 million, MSD benefits from:

  • an experienced management team with effective debt policies, proven planning capabilities and solid operating performance
  • the cash and reserves needed to meet debt obligations
  • strong legal provisions to protect bondholders

Please use the links to access information for each section. 

Annual Report - yearly report on the state of MSD

Budget - MSD's operating budget

Capital Program - capital program

CIRP Budget - capital improvement and replacement program budget

Debt Management - bond information

Investment Policy - investment of public funds

Pension and Deferred Compensation - pension and deferred compensation reports

Portfolio Report - MSD's portfolio

Financial Statements - MSD's financials