Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

MWBE Involvement Reporting

Create an MWBE Involvement Report


MSD acknowledges the importance of small and diverse businesses as the foundation of a strong community. These businesses include minority and women owned enterprises (MWBE). As we award contracts related to our public works project requirements, we understand that the utilization of these businesses is vital to the continued growth of our community. We know that the strength of our major contractors, consultants and suppliers (which also includes minority and women owned businesses) is dependent upon the viability of their smaller partners. By making genuine efforts to expend our operational dollars with businesses in our customer base, and ensuring the inclusion of minority and women businesses, MSD is demonstrating its commitment to the continued development and growth of historically underutilized businesses.

A successful business requires many components, all of which must come together in a unified manner. Without cooperation and a team spirit the growth of our diverse region will be limited. At MSD we are committed to being a leader in these efforts.

In order to document the participation of these MWBE suppliers, MSD requires involvement reports to be submitted by the prime contractors, consultants, and suppliers. The MWBE Involvement Reporting application enables all companies awarded projects with MWBE participation to comply with these requirements.